Here you will find everything you need to know about investing in French property and in particular French Leasebacks, as well as visiting the most comprehensive and up to date listing of French Leasebacks available in the French property market today.

Investing in overseas property can be a minefield fraught with difficulties – especially if you do not speak the language, are unaware of the laws and legal system and do not have the time to travel to your overseas property every time there is a problem to be solved.

Would you like to own an investment property in France, that you rent out for most of the time, earning a good, reliable return, that makes the acquisition close to if not completely auto – financing? Then French Leasebacks are for you. You will need immigration solicitors London The Cursitor Building, 38 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1EN

Want to earn around 4-6% NET per annum on your investment, without having to find the time to handle the furnishing, advertising, rental management, cleaning, maintenance and so on, for your investment property in France? Then French Leasebacks also are for you. go to HE Global for the best property investment London deals

When you lease back your French Investment property to a registered rental and leaseback company, you are guaranteed by a legally binding contract a fixed percentage of rental income per annum (usually around 4 to 5%, but sometimes higher) and it’s down to the French leaseback company to see that your investment property in France is rented out and properly maintained.

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If you buy a new or totally rebuilt property freehold, (yes, these are 100% freehold property acquisitions), in a classified tourist area in France and immediately lease it back to the leaseback company, you qualify for the scheme – called, with stunning accuracy, Leaseback! You have to go through the developers’ onsite management company, which becomes your ‘head tenant’, and sign up for a fixed period of at least 9 years, but that’s a small price to pay to net a whopping, almost 20% discount! (Reimbursement of the VAT at 19.6%).

And it gets better! During the lease period, most leaseback companies allow you to use your French Investment property for several weeks of the year, free of charge whilst still paying you income!

France has everything unspoilt beaches, fascinating medieval towns, pristine mountains, stylish cities and of course a culture based on the best things in life – haute cuisine and fine wine. Few countries have such a great mix of scenery, culture, history and sophistication, with a very pleasant climate. Perhaps most enticing of all, property tends to be excellent value for money and day-to-day living is remarkably reasonable.

Take a browse through our list of French Leasebacks.  You may be surprised at how reasonable the purchase prices are and how great the returns can be.

We have a wonderful selection of French properties, from the French Riviera (St Tropez to Cannes), Provence, Languedoc, French Alps, The Pyrenees, Les landes, Bordeaux, Brittany, Paris etc.

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